Made of lead, tungsten, or tin, jigs and jig heads are weights which are molded onto special hooks. These hooks have long shanks to hold natural baitsoft baitand materials that imitate bait that crappie are hungry for.

Jigs and jig heads come in multitude of colors, styles, and sizes that are geared towards types of fish and specific fishing tactics.

When choosing or making your own jigs, keep in mind water currents, vegetation, clarity and depth of water, and the time of year. These are all conditions, combined with your lure choice, that determines whether you will have a good or bad day of fishing. Jigs are intended to create a vertical body jerking motion, especially when fishing from a boat or when ice fishing. Other jigs and jig heads are made for float fishing or casting distance. So, when doing your crappie jig moldsyou can decide which tactic you are going to be using and design the jig that best fits that need.

crappie molds

You can purchase crappie jigs and jig heads from most retail stores or bait and tackle shops. Or you can purchase crappie jig molds and make custom jigs. Most of the crappie jig molds are blank so you can take them to a tool and die shop and have them customized, before you pour the lead and create the lure.

There are also starter kits available online that provide you with everything you will need to make your own crappie jig molds. If you would like to find a way to make some money by fishing and writing about it or making videos about it like I am doing here, check out the guys that can teach you how to do it here.

There is one company that is prominent in the world of jig and jig head molds along with thousands of other items to keep your tackle box complete. Do-it Corporation is a year-old company that built its reputation by offering the highest quality molds; jigs, luresand sinkers.

They are one of the companies who offer a starter kit for those who want to make their own crappie jig molds. Their kit allows you to pour 7 different sizes of crappie jig molds and includes RHBA, tapered barb collar and round jig head mold.

Also included is 10 hooks, a 5-pound melting pot, 5 oz pouring ladle, and a DVD with step by step instructions. The Do-it Corporation has over jig, sinker, and lure molds along with a variety of blank molds. They also have a large selection of soft plastic lure molds. Do-it works with other companies in the fishing industry to bring you quality finishing products such as wire inserts, buck tail, paint, and silicone skirts. Some of the other items that they offer; melting pots, ladles, lead ingots, and all the accessories that you need to personalize your crappie jig mold.

Some of the most popular Do-it crappie molds are listed below. They have all been given a 4. Everyone who has purchased this brand highly recommends them to anyone looking to make their own crappie jig molds.Help Crappie. Forum Rules. Remember Me? Forum Main Crappie. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Tube Mold. Tube Mold. Can anyone tell me where I can buy a 1. You can make a tube dipper real easy using wire the size you want the internal diameter to be.

We are BUGMOLDS - original manufacturer of Do-It Yourself fishing molds

Here's an example of one I made for larger tubes but the concept is the same. Try rounding off the point of a 16 penny nail and use that to dip tubes.

Wipe a cloth wet with some worm oil over the end before you dip and the resultant tubes come off easily. Originally Posted by fingerlicken. Jacobs mold still requires hand cutting the tails. Nails and wire are darned close to free. Having to cut tails by hand is easier to swallow when a nail costs about a nickel. I don't hardly ever use tubes and I won't waste time making them either when I can get all I want for a couple bucks a pack at the bait shop.

If a fellow shooter wants to do a few tubes then the nail is maybe the best answer since tube molds are expensive. My thoughts are on the same lines as Toms. Hate to spend that kind of money on something that can be easily made the old fashioned way relatively easily except for the tail splitting!

So if you are wanting a solid body tube then you will be looking at a mold of some kind. This is still something that could be made with a lil tinkering. You can cut a piece off a grub and sharpen a nail on its point and stick the nail in the piece of guub and dip then cut to make a skirt or lean the nail and make a slab slay'r. God Demonstrated his love for us.

Crappie Fishing with the DO-IT Molds Thump grub 2.5

Romans Drop shot tube dipping rod 2x Have been making my own tubes and custom colors!!! Lurecraft has plastics everthing you need and good service and have a how to video!! Hope this helps!! John Blessed to have as many friends as fingers on your hand is a blessing!!! Can God trust us. Thread Starter. Thanks guys I never thought about using a nail.

I'm just wanting something to piddle with thanks again. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. All times are GMT The time now is AM.The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Sign Up for exclusive updates, new arrivals and insider-only discounts. Tackle Tools Lead Melting Equipment. Availability: In Stock. Quantity Add to Cart. Review this item.

Add to Wish List. Add to Gift Registry. Email a friend. Description Customer Reviews This kit includes the essentials you need to get started. All you'll need to do is steal your wife's Pyrex cup, wait until she's going to be out of the house for a while, and have at it. Seriously, before we talk about what's in the kit, you need to understand this is a very fun hobby, but you need to be safe as well.

There are several very good sites you can research different techniques, safety, and get support from others who have been doing this for a long time. Start with our Forum, no question is a dumb question. If you're not sure just pick up the phone and call us. That's why we list our phone number on the site. You ultimately will end up in the basement or garage, but if this is your first time and you're excited, and just happen to be in the kitchen, and low and behold there's a microwave Enough of the lecture.

The kit includes: 1 Aluminum Injection Mold 2. When you check out make sure and let us know which mold, type of plastic, colorants and glitter you want.We recommend for the buyer to contact their credit card provider to resolve the issue regarding decline and then to clear cache and cookies and try again. FAQ What do we sell? We creating and sell original molds to making a soft plastic fishing lures.

This form is designed if you want to make a fully volumetric, realistic bait. Of what material are molds made? Our molds are made of high-quality artificial stone. What is an artificial stone? Artificial stone represents an imitation of natural stone composite material, very durable and very resistant to high temperatures.

The traditional scope of artificial stone is the landscape design and architecture. After I buy mold, how long it will be usefull for me? Can it be deformed by high temperatures? Molds of artificial stone are absolutely resistant to high temperatures, even after the - casting mold does not deforms. It means that buying our mold once, it will serve you for life. What size of the injector sockets in your mold? Can you do something if I have an injector, but its size is different from the standard?

Yes, contact us, specifying the size of your injector and we will make the mold by your order. I like mold T18, but the size of the bait in it - 50 mm 2 inches. I need the same, but with bait size - mm 4 inches. This is possible? Yes, it is possible to do so, please contact us and we will make mold of desired size for you.

I like the V22 model, but I would like to have the same mold with 4 cavityis it possible? Yes, we can do it. Write to us what model and how many cavities you need and we will make it in the shortest possible time for you. I have a favorite bait and I would like to acquire a mold for it. Can you do it? Simply contact with us and we will reply to you where you can send a sample of the bait in order that we could most accurately repeat your order in the manufacture of molds.

What order of payment in your store?

Crappie Jig Molds

We accept payments via our partner www. Checkout's convenient features make it easy to accept payments from anyone, anywhere. Reaching an international audience requires a more flexible checkout experience. What is the shipping cost of your store? The shipping cost depends on the weight of the parcels, amount of molds and is calculated in the shopping cart automatically. For how long my order will be processed?See Size Chart Below - for corresponding hooks and sizes.

For those who enjoy presenting unique baits and the act of creating their own personal Jig designs, take a look a the Do-It Jig Molds. Do-It is a leader in the tackle craft industry and has been manufacturing and providing molds and various lure making equipment for over 40 years.

Each mold is cast from high-grade warp resistant aluminum alloy and is warrantied against manufacturer defects. The face of every mold is machined smooth and flat to prevent flash and all hinges are machined to tight specifications to assure precision alignment.

Do-It also individually inspects each mold to ensure that all hooks and inserts fit properly and for your convenience, the style of any hook or insert is permanently marked on each mold. Do-it prides itself on creating and carrying the highest quality tackle craft products and the Do-It Molds are no exception.

Each Do-It Jig Mold is built to provide years of reliable use. Make sure to use a propane torch to heat your Mold fully before pouring. Grooves for wire keeper too narrow. Had to use dremel to make grooves wider. Wire forms would not fit and I had to bend every one to get some baits. Poor QA at Do It on this one. So you end up with a mold that has no part to hold the plastic bait. Comments: I love the do-it molds product line.

Love the swimjig mold!!! From: R Green: FL. Add To Wish List. Do-it Jig Mold. Do-it Soft Plastic Mold. Do-it Sinker Mold. Do-it Soft Plastic Lami Plate. Do-it Trokar Hook Jig Mold. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly.

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Low cost, professional, single-cavity, multi-cavity soft plastic bait molds for soft plastic baits. Do-It making jig heads and lead sinkers: multi-cavity molds, wires, hooks, spare parts. Soft plastics and hard lures, mini snaps, lure packaging. B2C seller. B2B seller. We are seeking for resellers worldwide. Contact us to get more information. We have USA Stock: business days local delivery. Log in.

Remember me. Your cart is empty. Hello, to lure mold lovers. Good news: we have USA stock of lure molds. Find us on amazon. Only 5-day delivery. You may buy from us with Amazon Protection. Hello to all our readers! And great news - we do custom lure designs according to your sketches, photos, samples, pictures, etc.

crappie molds

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